Material Testing

Material Testing

  • Metal & Alloys Testing
    Ferrous, Non-Ferrous-metals and Precious metals, Steel, Tool.
  • Corrosion Testing
    Spray, Cass, Pitting, Crevice Corrosion, HIC/SSCC Test
  • Welded Structure Testing
    Welding performance and procedure qualification
  • Mechanical Testing
    Proof Load, Flexural, Hardness
  • NDT, Structural and Building Test
    NDT inspection of Structure, Piping, Bridges
  • RLA Studies Services
    Extensive thickness survey, MPI at critical weld joints, Hardness survey

Shree Ram Testing Laboratories analyzes the performance of metals. Our laboratory is well equipped with the advanced equipments and round-the-clock research on various admix and materials. We provide our valuable services to customers at low prices and our services meet international standards.

a) Cement Testing :

Checking of materials is a significant part of civil engineering as the life of structure is dependent on the quality of materials used.

Listed below are the tests that are conducted to judge the quality of cement.

- Fineness - Soundness - Consistency - Initial And Final Setting Time Of Cement

b) Aggregate Testing :

There are many tests which are conducted to check the quality of aggregates. Aggregate is a highly significant component of concrete, therefore, testing the aggregate is important to hold their quality. Various tests which are done on aggregates are listed below.

- Sieve Analysis - Water Absorption - Aggregate Impact Value - Aggregate Abrasion Value - Aggregate Crushing Value

c) Steel Testing :

Our technicians perform precise technical calibrations of the testing equipment daily to be certain that all test data is highly accurate and precise. Shree Ram Testing Laboratory offers complete services to our customers with low or high volume testing needs. With customers in over 10 states, we provide expeditious services by overnight courier and local pick-up. Test results are usually provided within hours.

d) Design Mix :

Design mix testing consists a mix proportion of water, cement, admixture (if required), fine and coarse aggregates economically. Design mix are conducted at our laboratory with the help of our dedicated and highly qualified team, we offer our exceptional cement testing services by utilizing advanced equipment and techniques.

e) Concrete Testing :

Concrete testing is conducted to check the quality of concrete. We consider the quality of concrete and the materials added to it. We focus on product research and development, testing of construction materials including mortars, stucco, cement, aggregates and dimension stone added to supplementary contentious and chemical admixtures. We also conduct failure analysis periodically to upgrade our services.

f) Tiles Testing ETC :

We are engaged in providing tile testing services with advance machines and updated technology. We offer testing of ceramics in accordance with UK, European and international standards and the tests are carried out at accredited testing laboratory. We offer testing of materials and products for assessment of raw materials, development of products, and quality control. These materials are also used for product and material evaluation conformity, fit for purpose, legislative, safety and environmental impact